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Click here to learn why I’m blogging every day this month.

Today marks eight straight days that I’ve posted on Spoonfed, meaning I’m more than a quarter of the way through this June blogathon thing. It’s been both invigorating and terrifying to blog every day. But each feeling keeps me equally on my toes, so there’s that.

I decided that each Sunday I’ll post a recap of the previous week’s posts. You know, so you can catch up on everything you missed. (Get on that, will you?) But, really, it helps me get a handle on what I’m writing, and whether I’m making headway on those Big Questions that led me here in the first place.

So, without further ado…

June 1: Extreme blogging, commence
Why I’m doing this crazy thing, and what I hope to gain from it.

June 2: Salad days
Wherein I get sentimental. There’s talk of baby toes.

June 3: Pondering a school pizza party
A glimpse into my daughter’s last week of school, featuring a teacher who Gets It.

June 4: Countdown to summer road trips
A round-up of everything I’ve written about eating while traveling and keeping it real on the road.

June 5: Wax wax baby
The allure of that Babybel cheese.

June 6: Spin marketing, willful ignorance… and you
A brilliant and chilling video about how food marketers manipulate us.

June 7: More pondering on school party food
What happened the rest of the last week of school.


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