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This video is brilliant. It’s also absolutely chilling.

Make sure you watch until the very last second.

Couple of things you should know before watching: The presenter is an actress. But the data she presents is real. So are most of the audience members. And so are their reactions.

The reason I say “most” of the audience members are real is because I’m pretty sure one of the guys shown in close-up works for Catsnake Film, which created the video. That doesn’t mean his reaction isn’t genuine. But that does make me question the audience authenticity a bit.

Even so, it’s a highly effective video. The point, after all, is the power of spin.

Watch, then let me know what you think.

The video was created by Catsnake for a British non-profit group called Compassion in World Farming, founded by farmers “who became concerned at the growing disconnect between modern agriculture and the well-being of animals and the environment.”

Curious whether you should talk to your kids about factory farming? I think you should. Read this past Spoonfed post to learn why: “Kids and factory farming: Yes, tell them the truth.”


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