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I should have written this post weeks ago. But you know how you keep thinking a problem will resolve in just one more day? Maybe two. Even three. So you stick it out and then a whole bunch of time passes and you’re like, huh, wha…? How has it been three weeks since I posted?

Yeah, that’s been me while I deal with blog pages that load like molasses (or not) and admin functions that won’t behave (or will) and an RSS feed that times out (or doesn’t). Fickle, crazy-making stuff all on its own, yet made almost comically worse by happening amid a crush of deadlines.

But now, after fun times trying to fix this, that and the other thing, and doing everything short of a sacrifice to the tech gods, I’ve realized what I need to do (switch blog hosts), and I plan to do it soon. Very soon.

In the meantime, I’m sitting on a blog post that really needs to get published, but I’m reluctant to post it until I know readers won’t have a hard time accessing and navigating the blog. (I guess this post you’re reading right now is taking one for the team.) So I’m trying a temporary fix tonight. And, either way, I hope to resolve things permanently by early next week.

The one bright spot is that I coincidentally started the Spoonfed Facebook page last month, right before these problems began. So that’s been a great place to connect while I haven’t been posting on Spoonfed. The page just hit 600, so we’ve got a nice community vibe. Please come join us if you haven’t already.

Thanks, all.

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