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Felt hearts, not candy hearts


Another candy holiday upon us. But who says it has to be all about the sugar and chemicals? My daughter’s class this year made hearts from juice pouches and recycled felt, then sold them to schoolmates, teachers and parents to raise money for a membership in Nature Abounds. And today they’re celebrating with strawberries, apples, red grapes and dark chocolate for dipping. (I’ve already written about how much my daughter’s teacher rocks. Seriously, I heart her.)

Hearts for sale

Even the Valentines themselves are in check. Our school asks kids not to bring candy for classmates. (Can I get a woo hoo?) In fact, they don’t even bring Valentines. Instead, each child makes a large Valentine card that’s decorated outside and blank inside, then all the kids sign each other’s cards. Nice, simple, no drama or worries about someone being left out. No loading up on junk or meltdowns or food-dye ballistic children at the end of the day. (At least not in our class. Party food varies from room to room.)

Anyone else celebrating some V-Day sanity today?


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