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You know those people who think children are too young to understand the consequences of food choices? Or, worse, those businesses, lobbyists and marketers that treat kids like they’re too dumb to appreciate or deserve real food?

This is for them.

And for the rest of us? Well, 11-year-old Birke Baehr is our kind of kid. His five-minute talk, given as part of a TEDx event in Asheville, N.C., last month, is a rally cry for sanity and a rousing anthem to good food and good sense. Enjoy.

Birke (who also has a Facebook fan page) mentions all the research and reading he’s done along the way. A great place for kids to start is Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” young readers edition, which I happen to be giving away this week. Click on over for a chance to win. (But hurry! Entries close at midnight EST on Wednesday, Sept. 29.)

Update on Sept. 30: The giveaway has ended (winners here), but I know this post is getting a lot of traffic (go, Birke!). So if you’re new to Spoonfed, welcome. And if you like what you see, I’d love it if you’d click up in the right-hand corner and start getting posts by e-mail or RSS feed. Good conversation and good karma all in one.  


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