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As I posted earlier this week, I was planning to watch the school-food movie “Two Angry Moms” for the second time. Saw it last night, and I was struck again by the similarities between these moms’ battle and the drama that played out on Jamie Oliver’s show in Huntington, W.Va. It was disheartening, honestly, given that the stories were filmed probably four years apart. (And especially given Susan Rubin’s update about what has happened with the “Two Angry Moms” school in the interim. See her comment following my first post.) But I do feel as though the tide is shifting. And no one ever said that change (or reform or revolution) is easy. More on that later.

In the meantime, if you’d like to comment about the movie or school food in general, please visit that earlier post. If you missed that post the first time, check it out for a 10-minute preview of the movie, as well as links to some thought-provoking pieces on school food.