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Just say no to day-glo

I’ve written at length about the travesty of artificial food dyes (in short: all risk, no benefit). And about how U.S. food manufacturers have substituted better ingredients overseas while still using artificial, non-nutritive and even dangerous ingredients here.

Why have they cleaned up their act elsewhere? Because of public pressure, government support and something called the precautionary principle: the idea that if something could harm the public or the environment — especially in the absence of significant benefit — you don’t do it. If there are doubts, even if there’s no scientific consensus, the burden shifts from proving harm to proving safety.

Other countries get that. Here in the United States, though, we and our kids are subjected to GMOs, synthetic additives and other questionable foodstuffs on a daily basis. Yes, a growing number of us are reading ingredients and making alternate choices and creating our own realities in a world gone mad. But we need to do more. We need to change the food system as well as our place in it.

And while I get frustrated with the sometimes myopic activist focus on single ingredients and specific industrial practices, there’s no denying that it all adds up — in awareness as well as action. It doesn’t matter whether we eat these products ourselves. What matters is that we hold companies accountable for ingredients that have no business being in our food supply.

So I’m happy to endorse a new petition from 100 Days of Real Food and Food Babe that asks Kraft Foods to remove artificial food dyes from its mac & cheese products here, as it’s already done overseas. Yes, the company’s other ingredients are lacking, too. But if I can overlook that, so can you. It has to start somewhere. And it has to start with us.

Check out Lisa and Vani’s video below.  Then go sign the petition and spread the word. Let’s rock this petition out of the house!


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