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Every time I write about my take on Halloween candy, I hear from people who think it’s wasteful to throw some of it away. And I get that. As I’ve written before, that’s why we don’t canvass the neighborhood and collect a boatload. It’s why we do candy experiments. And it’s why we do this:

Chemical candy doesn’t look so heinous when it’s a craft supply

Frosting as glue, not food


Nerds pebbles and Smarties shingles

Lollipop tree and Tootsie Roll logs

Do we still throw some candy away? You bet. And of course the gingerbread house itself eventually gets tossed, too. But first there’s fun and a giant mess. And that (not candy) is what childhood is all about.

A shopping tip: Because we don’t eat our gingerbread houses, we buy the kits, the ones with pre-made walls and pre-fab frosting. But we buy them after Christmas, when they’re practically pennies, then save them until the next year. In the cabinet waiting for this December: a mini gingerbread village. Pictures to come.

Anyone else done gingerbread houses Halloween-style? Or are you trying it this year for the first time?


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