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Whether you’re a kid or a blog, turning 1 year old is a big deal, all hoopla and exclaiming about where the time went. So 1 year plus 1 month? That calls for something extra special. Like, say, finally creating a Spoonfed Facebook page.

I let Spoonfed’s March 15 anniversary pass quietly, for no other reason than I couldn’t figure out a commemoration that wasn’t goofy or indulgent. But I couldn’t let it go completely unmarked. Writing Spoonfed, engaging with readers, meeting so many smart and passionate people, and feeling like I actually make a difference when I shout out into the world — that’s worth a woo hoo, don’t you think?

Or at least a new Facebook page. I hope you’ll click through and join me, ask questions, share news that moves you. Maybe even tell your friends. (Also check out the new Facebook button at the top of the blog.) I’ll use the page for Spoonfed posts (of course). But I’ll also share bits from my daily digging through news, research and commentary on all things related to raising food-literate kids.

And who knows? Maybe on my next arbitrary anniversary, I’ll get really crazy and start using my Twitter account.


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