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Purple power

OK, so ignore the fact that I said I was taking a video hiatus. As we enter Halloween weekend, having thoroughly discussed the candy onslaught, I leave you with three (yes, three) videos from Elysian Charter School in Hoboken, N.J. The first one shows kids hip-hopping their way through a junk-food exchange that trades Halloween candy for smoothies (using a bicycle-powered blender, no less). So that was just too good to pass up.

Then I learned that the same school has produced two other music videos about kids and food: “Who Put that Burger on Your Plate?” and “I Fell in Love with Broccoli.” The videos are charming, clever, thoughtful. And fun. Very fun. They’re directed by teacher Aram Rubenstein-Gillis, a man on a mission to get kids thinking about where food comes from and how it affects their bodies. My kind of guy.

First, in honor of Halloween:

Next, in honor of cows, farmers and other underappreciated links in the food chain (also includes a nice nod to vegetarians):

And, finally, a ballad for broccoli (punctuated by sugar crashes):

Speaking of sugar, check out this fascinating piece from the New York Times this week, about the often irrational way in which people view candy (when they have no problem with, say, sugary granola bars, fruit leathers, Gatorade or juice boxes). Or, as Grist’s Tom Laskawy writes: “There’s nothing wrong with candy. It’s the candification of our other food that’s the problem.”

Have fun with the ghouls and goblins this weekend.

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