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I’ve watched this video several times over several days, and I’m still not sure what I think. It’s unsettling. Intense. But is that chill in my spine because it goes too far? Or because it hits the mark?

People argue over whether junk-food-fast-food-pseudo-food is addictive, but, really now. Of course it is. Former FDA commissioner David Kessler covers the issue in-depth in his 2009 book “The End of Overeating.” And plenty of newer studies continue to back this up. (Though I’d like to see more of them emphasize that processed fats and sugars — not nutrient-dense whole foods — are the culprits.)

Then there’s the recent news that 40% of  kids’ calories come from nutritionally bankrupt foods like soda, fruit drinks, pizza and desserts. Plus there’s the anecdotal evidence of all those empty bags-boxes-bottles in our hands.

Seems we ought to stop trying to establish the connection and instead start doing more about it.

But back to the video. Watch it. Digest it. Then tell me what you think.

Update on April 18, 2011: The video had been removed from YouTube, but it’s back, so I’m reposting. If it’s taken down again, you can find it on the video’s Facebook page (scroll to the very bottom).

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